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Sassy Seniors Prom

"A Time to Remember"  was the right theme for Manna of Hope's  social event for people 50 years and older.  Almost 250 sassy seniors gathered at Vineville United Methodist Church on a rainy night in Georgia to celebrate life. They pulled out their snazzy outfits and made Friday, April 17, 2015 a time of frolicking to the hits of the past by the Jimmy Mills Jazz Band. The song that got more on the floor was "Let's Twist Again."  Some came as spectators but others came to dance the night away. The setting was lovely, the food was very good, the photos were excellent, and the music rekindled precious memories, but our ultimate goal was to give individuals another event to cherish at this point in their lives, much like their high prom.  The notion came out of a series of lessons on "Sharing the Times of Our Lives."  Those sessions reminded us of the survival strategies learning earlier in life and just how much we knew about overcoming barriers. The prom was an ideal way to bring the lessons to a close with a bang. Dance contests, an energetic Zumba routine by Work It Out Studio members, a clear favorite of the evening, and recognition of the oldest man (86) present as the king and the oldest lady (91) as the queen added extra zest to this wonderful event.  How well did they enjoy the evening? They are asking for a repeat event next year.  

2015 Girls Spa Day


If you want females to lean in and listen, say something about ways to look good. Well, Manna of Hope Resource Center is in on the know and offered high school girls a day of fun, and looking good and doing good information.   Besides the snack of strawberries and chocolate and a sub sandwich lunch, the girls bought into the learning sessions on manicures and pedicures, facials, and social media "how-to" session.

 Gail Wooten, the nail technician, had young and old listening intently to health issues related to the "cures." All participants received nail polish from the technician.

Michelle Cleveland taught them the importance of skincare and makeup techniques.  Then Kellise Jones, a teacher at Westside High School informed them how to use social edits to do homework, learn to sew, and even repair plumbing. What a day of information.

 But we know teens like to burn up energy and did we allow them! Traci Williams, a Zumba instructor, led them in several heartbeat- raising routines.

 Finally, Amber Jones, a former news reporter, challenged the girls to dream big, work hard, and carve out them own destiny.


We hear that they are constantly asking about the upcoming fall event for them.  That is the best evaluation results for us.

Mary Whitfield 

Caring Enough to Care

A story is told of a seminary professor who taught a lesson on compassion based on the parable of the Good Samaritan.  The students were very engaged in the discussion, and seemingly grasped the deeper implications of reaching out to culturally, socially,  educationally, racially and economically diverse people. They spilled out of the class full of the confidence gained through knowledge acquisition and further enhanced by analytic thinking.  The professor had staged individuals on the campus whose situations resembled the plight of the robbed and bruised man aided by the Good Samaritan.  In the students’ haste to get to the next class, the dining hall, or back to their rooms, these staged people were stepped over and ignored. The students had learned the textbook lesson but were indifferent to living what the professor so desired to teach. Among the many things on my prayer list is a request for help in not becoming indifferent to the plight of people, and not to have firm answers for the causes and results of these situations.  When that happens my heart is not allowed to sense their humanity.  My eyes see, my ears hear, and my reasoning skills assess, but it is only when I respond to them through the lens and earplugs of Christ that I can be moved to do what I am expected to do.  When responding, some situations are so overwhelming until prayer is my sole help.  At other times, wise counsel is my duty. In other instances, my finances are needed.  However, never should it be an option to lump their issues in a big pot of “it’s their problem” stew.  Christ need did! This call to action is the reason I pray constantly not to allow indifference to be my response. In fact, I think it may be worse than condemnation of people.Do you need to join me in this prayer request.

In Manna's effort to reach out to the community in special ways, it has prepared and served a home cooked Christmas meal with all of the trimmings for the residents at the Macon Rescue Mission for over a decade.  Also each attendee received a gift and enough love to warm their mending hearts.  Our efforts are rewarded in kind with such expressions of appreciation to make it more than worth the effort.   

 An added feature this year: family members who were visiting at dinner also were invited to share in this special time.