Educating - Inspiring - Empowering  Females

    Our Board of Directors

       Tamiko Williams - President

Vice President - Kellise Jones
      Erin Jones - Secretary
      Elton Hunter - Treasurer
    Member - Bernard Simmons
      Member - Joyce Denson

     Director-Mary Whitfield


      Our New Window

      So often in our efforts to carry out many duties, we overlook the things that appear to be insignificant.  In our efforts to develop and offer meaningful classes, collaborate with community                groups  and lend a listening ear to those who are troubled, we overlooked the significance of our webpage.

Through our strategic planning meetings, we realized our webpage was not a major window to Manna of Hope.  In review, we found areas in need of improvement.  Furthermore, the person who manned the site was about to move away.  Another webmaster, Clarence Carner, started a completely new site.  He hurriedly took pictures of our new location, demanded new information from our staff, and formatted a new look for the site.  We really like the window to our new home.