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"Providing a Bridge of Hope For Females"


Manna of Hope Resource Center
2484 Ingleside Avenue

, Georgia


Our Vision

Females are empowered to maintain healthy families, wholesome relationships, and economic stability.

 Our Mission

To provide learning and counseling opportunities for the emotional, financial and social well-being of females and their families. 

Providing a bridge of hope: educating, inspiring and empowering females of all ages

Those We Serve and Overviews of Programs


Counseling and special workshops for females starting at eleven years of age

We offer opportunities for younger females to explore factors that impact their personal development, participae in "hot issue" discussions, and make appointments with professional counselors

Counseling, life skills, consumer awareness, and estate planning classes for adult women

Changes are constants in life; therefore, we offer opportunities for adult women to explore ways to continue to make their lives more productive and economically stable, and to keep current with technological advancements. Additionally, private counseling sessions are available to address emotional and psychological issues. Private counseling sessions must be arranged by appointment.

The technology program includes hands-on and virtual training on technology that’s becoming almost mandatory in being an informed consumer, a good administrative specialist, or manager in today’s workforce.  Courses include Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint), and tips for mobile devices


Professional Empowerment Program, career acceleration workshops for adult women

Getting a job is only part of the goal for women; they also desire advancement to become more economically stable and have a sense of self-fulfillment. PEP, a competitive enrollment initiative, provides a series of leadership workshops to teach career acceleration techniques.

All services are free to the participants.

                                   Note: We do not provide rent, housing, or financial assistance!!!