Professional Empowerment Program Application
Thank you for applying to participate in our cohort for Professional Women. Your responses to each of the questions below will be rated by an evaluation committee. Please take the time to provide thorough responses so that you can rank highly in the selection process. In addition to the application process, you will have a brief interview process that will be weighted along with your application ratings. Congratulations on your decision to become a better you.
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1. How did you learn about this Professional Empowerment Program?
2. What Skills/Accomplishments do you have? (Computer Certifications, Licensure, Etc.)
3. What do you hope to get out of your participation in this program? Describe clearly how this empowerment program supports your career path and goals you desire to reach.
4. Think for just a moment. What are some challenges you have experienced in pursing your career goals? What steps have you taken to overcome the challenges you just identified? (These may be past or current events.)
5. What are two specific leadership goals you hope to achieve by participating in this program?
6. Identify specific knowledge, skills, and abilities you hope to gain from participating in this program?
7. Think for a moment. Have you participated in any other professional leaders' programs? If so, please identify the program and explain what you learned from your participation. If you have not ever participated in a program, please type "n/a."
8. In addition to a follow-up Zoom interview, candidates who are selected to participate in this program will be chosen based on the thoroughness of the submitted application. Please take a moment and tell us why YOU should be chosen to participate in the 2nd Semester cohort of the Professional Empowerment Program. (In other words, what makes YOU shine above the rest of the applicants?)
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